Playing our part in controlling the virus

Yesterday, Home Secretary Priti Patel underlined the need for people to follow the rules that are in place, and urged everyone to do their part to reduce transmission so we ease pressures on the NHS and save lives.

  • Millions of people across the UK are fully engaged in what is a collective effort to stop the spread of this awful disease, and our ability to get through the coming weeks and months depends on every one of us continuing to contribute by doing their part and following the rules.
  • For the small minority who aren’t playing their part, our selfless police – who are out there risking their own lives to keep all of us safe – will enforce the regulations and issue fines to those who think the rules don’t apply to them.
  • The government is working closely with councils and the police to enforce the rules, and will continue to back them to do so to protect the NHS and save lives.


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