Vaccination update

OVER 8.3 MILLION people across the UK have now received at least one dose of vaccine

Britain has now vaccinated over 5 in 6 of the 80s and 2 in 3 of the 75-79-year olds.

In the last week, Britain averaged over 350,000 vaccinations each day and we continue to scale up our capacity to deliver. Yesterday (Saturday 30th January 2021) the total number of vaccination doses given in the UK was 598,389.

Flag of England
Flag of Wales
Flag of Scotland

(The remainder, obviously, were in Northern Ireland)

Only two countries – the United States and China – have vaccinated more people than the UK. 

I have seen a report that Gibraltar has moved into the top spot for vaccinations per head but whether you count the rock as a country or not Britain is certainly one of the top four for vaccinations per capita.


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