Daniel Johnson on whether Britain is becoming a police state

The accusation has been made in a number of places - including the comments section of this blog - that Britain is becoming a police state.

In all candour, if some of the measures which the government has been forced to adopt to try to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic had not provoked vigorous debate including people asking that question, I would have been worried. 

When we have the vast majority of vulnerable people vaccinated and cases and deaths right down - and certainly not in the present situation where Britain is experiencing nearly as many premature deaths due to COVID-19 every day as we usually lose to road traffic accidents in a year - we will need to make sure that the powers and measures taken to deal with COVID are scrapped. But we are not in the situation where it would be anything other than utterly reckless to do that yet. Scrapping those measures now would cost tens of thousands of lives.

There is a good piece on the subject by Daniel Johnson, "Is Britain becoming a police state?" which you can read on "The Article" website here.


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