OVER 7.3 MILLION vaccination doses have been administered so far across the United Kingdom

In total more than 6.8 million people across the UK have now had a least one dose of the vaccine, including nearly four in five of everyone aged over 80.

Britain is third in the world on both measures of vaccination rollout. Only two countries – the United States and China – have vaccinated more people in abosolute numbers than the UK. Only Israel and the UAE have vaccinated more people per head than the UK. And we are the only country in the world which is in the top three on both measures. 

New vaccination sites continue to open every day as part of Britain's Vaccine Delivery Plan to ensure every community is within 10 miles of a vaccination centre. Vaccinations are already available from more than 1,000 GP-led services, over 200 hospitals and a growing network of large-scale NHS Vaccination Centres.

A further 33 vaccine centres have started delivering vaccinations this week, as we continue to accelerate the biggest immunisation programme in the history of our health service. This means there will now be a network of 50 large scale centres, capable of jabbing thousands of people a week across the country. New centres include the Black Country Living Museum, a former IKEA store in East London, the Nightingale Hospital in Sunderland and the Blackpool Winter Gardens.


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