Making more vaccination doses

The worst possible way to attempt to deal with a shortage of vaccination doses is to engage in vaccination protectionism or to start a trade war, and some people both in the EU and in the UK need to tone down their rhetoric on this subject before they make matters worse.

The best way to get more jabs into people's arms is to sort out the problems with the supply chain and make more doses faster. 

That is why the UK government has announced today that new large-scale coronavirus vaccine manufacturing will begin in Scotland, securing millions of vaccine doses for our country and supporting hundreds of highly skilled jobs in Scotland.

  • Through the Vaccines Taskforce, the UK has secured early access to 367 million doses of seven of the most promising vaccines so far – including 60 million of Valneva’s promising vaccine if it proves to be safe, effective and suitable in its clinical trials this year. 
  • The UK Government’s investment will support 100 new highly-skilled jobs for scientists and technicians at their Livingston facility – doubling the workforce, putting Scotland at the forefront of the UK’s fight against Covid-19, and boosting the UK’s resilience in dealing with current and future pandemics by establishing a permanent vaccine manufacturing base. 
  • This is set to deliver millions more jabs across our four nations, and is another example of the strength of our United Kingdom.


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