Fighting the pandemic together - we are stronger as one United Kingdom

Today the Prime Minister reinforced the importance of the strength of our United Kingdom in the fight against Covid-19, and underline the crucial role that cooperation across our country will play in building back better from the pandemic.

  • This pandemic has demonstrated, more than ever, how every part of our United Kingdom benefits from working together, it is clear that cooperation has been vital in supporting lives and livelihoods throughout this difficult period. 
  • In Scotland, the UK Government has delivered an additional £8.6 billion to the Scottish Government to tackle the pandemic, whilst also supporting one in three jobs in Scotland, and deploying our armed forces who are also helping to establish 80 new vaccine centres across Scotland. 
  • These actions show how the UK Government has been working tirelessly to support all parts of the country throughout the pandemic, so we are ready to build back better in the months ahead.


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