Helping former prisoners to go straight and stay off the streets

Those who have committed crimes and been convicted should be punished.

But once they have completed that punishment, it is not only right but in everyone's interests to help them go straight.

That's why the government has announced an additional £70 million to keep prison leavers off the streets – helping tackle homelessness, cutting crime and making our streets safer.

  • Releasing prisoners without addressing why they ended up there in the first place, only leads them to re-offend and causes more harm than good. 
  • These new funds will be used to support prison leavers at risk of homelessness getting them into temporary basic accommodation, giving them the foundation for a crime-free life. The funding will also provide the provision for more close supervision of prison leavers - boosting public safety, tackling homelessness, and cutting crime. 
  • By tackling re-offending at its roots, we can not only tackle crime before it happens but also potentially save billions for the taxpayer while preventing thousands of people becoming victims.


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