Identifying new forms of the COVID coronavirus

Today the Health Secretary is offering the UK’s expertise in genetic sequencing to other countries around the world to help identify new variants of COVID-19. \this kind of international co-operation can help the entire world by improving our chances of  detecting and identifying changes in the virus and providing an early warning system for new mutations that could endanger all countries including both the UK and our global neighbours.  

  • Throughout this pandemic Britain has relied on the strength of the UK world-leading scientific community. As we see new variants emerging internationally it is only right we play our part in identifying them, helping our neighbours and keeping people around the world safe.
  • That is why Britain launching a New Variant Assessment Platform, which will offer UK laboratory capacity to support the work of the World Health Organisation and others. Through this platform we can build on our understanding of the virus and how it spreads in different places, strengthening our ability to protect people here in the UK and around the world.
  • The UK has led the way in gene sequencing and identified more than half of all the coronavirus strains since the pandemic began. By sharing our expertise with others, we can boost capability in this important field and better prepare everyone in the future.


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