Supporting Britain's fishing industry

Today the Environment Secretary confirmed that fishing businesses across the UK will receive up to £23 million in new funding to support those most adversely affected by the pandemic and to take advantage of the huge benefits of our trading relationship with the EU.   

  • Britain has taken back control of our fisheries. This will deliver considerable benefits in the medium to long term to fishing communities across the country, but there were always going to be changes for businesses and the government understands the unique circumstances our fishing sector faces.
  • That is why the government is providing up to £23 million of immediate support, which will help cover any losses incurred by the fishing industry since 1 January this year, up to a maximum of £100,000 per claimant, targeting small and medium businesses who can demonstrate a clear loss of exports to the EU as a result of delays and a lack of demand from the restaurant industry both here and across Europe. 
  • Separately, the Prime Minister has announced £100 million to help modernise both Britain's fishing the fleet and the processing industry, which make such a vital contribution to our coastal communities around the country.


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