£5.9 million to upgrade A and E facilities in NHS trusts serving Cumbria

Today, the Prime Minister has announced £300 million to upgrade A&E facilities across England, ensuring they are prepared to continue delivering world-class care in the winter months ahead. 

  • This includes £4 million for the North Cumbria Integrated Care Trust
  • It also includes £1.921 million for the Morecambe Bay NHS trust which serves South Cumbria and part of Lancashire
  • Thanks to the sacrifices of the British public, Britain has made huge progress in tackling coronavirus. We must now ensure our NHS is ready for the coming winter.
  • NHS Trusts will receive a share of £300 million for A&E projects which will be completed by the start of next year, which could include increasing capacity for more patients to reduce waiting times, improving infection control and increasing the provision of same day emergency care. 
  • The Prime Minister will also urge the public to feel confident to visit A&E if they need to. The NHS has measures in place to keep people safe and it is vital those in need of hospital treatment receive it. 
  • The Conservative government continues to deliver on our promise to build back better and faster, investing in vital infrastructure like hospitals to create jobs, kickstart our economy and support our brilliant NHS.


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