Helping universities and students deal with the aftermath of the grades problem

Obviously the U-turns of the last few days, while they were in my opinion the only possible course of action, have put Universities and colleges in a challenging position.

I've had a briefing note on what the government is doing about this, which reads as follows.

"We are working closely with the higher education sector to address the challenges facing universities and provide as much support as we can.

  • Following the move to award students centre assessed grades, we have established a new taskforce which is meeting daily to urgently address universities’ concerns.
  • We are supporting universities, including by announcing our intention to remove temporary student number controls and working with them to help them prioritise students and uphold their first choice either this coming year, or as a last resort the following year.
  • We are also working to ensure capacity issues for certain regulated courses, such as medicine, dentistry and nursing, are resolved quickly."


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