More nurses

More nurses have been recruited as the government continues to make progress towards the election promise to deliver a net change of 50,000 in the number of nurses through increased recruitment of 30,000 and increased retention of 20,000.

New statistics released yesterday revealed that the number of nurses working in the NHS is now at a record level. 

  • The coronavirus pandemic has confirmed what we already knew – that our NHS and all the wonderful people who work for the NHS deliver superlative care, and we must strive to make sure that this continues.
  • That is why the government has been taking action to ensure our NHS has the staff it needs to keep people safe, and new statistics show that these efforts have been paying off, with 13,840 more nurses compared to last year, and 9,306 more doctors.
  • The government has protected the NHS, and we are investing record sums into the NHS, hiring more doctors and nurses so that the NHS is always there for people and their families.


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