Protecting the earth's environment: saving the rainforests

Today the UK government published plans to reduce illegal deforestation and protect rainforests. These include reducing negative effects on the world ecology from the UK economy by creating a world-leading new law to clean up the UK’s supply chains, ensuring we continue to protect our vital forests and support livelihoods as we build back greener from coronavirus. 

  • There is a hugely important connection between the products we buy and their wider environmental footprint, and our proposed legislation will make clear that illegally produced commodities have no place in the UK market, as we build back greener.
  • That is why the government proposes to make it illegal for larger businesses operating in the UK to use products grown on land that was deforested illegally, with businesses required to carry out due diligence on their supply chains by publishing information to show where key commodities came from and that they were produced in line with local laws protecting forests and other natural ecosystems. 
  • Progress has already been made in making the UK’s supply chains more sustainable, and as we rebuild Britain’s economy, Conservatives are determined to build on our commitment to tackle climate change by putting nature of the heart of our green recovery from the pandemic.  


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