Update on planning reforms

Today, the Housing Secretary has set out a consultation paper proposing bold reforms to speed up and modernise the planning system and get the country building high quality, sustainable homes with local democracy at the heart of the process. 

  • Britain's complex planning system is a barrier to building the homes our country needs. It can take seven years to agree local housing plans - look how far behind we are in Copeland. Thse processes are taking too long.
  • That is why today the government has published plans to modernise and simplify the planning process, providing more homes for young people and creating better quality neighbourhoods and homes across the country.
  • We will cut red tape, but not standards, placing a higher regard on quality, design and the environment than ever before. Planning decisions will be simple and transparent, with local democracy at the heart of the process.
  • This is not a "developers' charter" but an attempt to help people bring derelict and unused brownfield land and empty buildings into use to help everyone.
  • As we rebuild our economy after coronavirus, these planning reforms will create more jobs, stronger communities and much-needed homes across the country .


Anonymous said…
so much for devolving power
Chris Whiteside said…
This is a consultation paper, not a diktat.

AS I understand it, the proposals leave substantial powers in the hands of local planning authorities.

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