What future for the Lib/Dems? Part Two

My colleagues have been having a bit of fun at the Lib/Dems expense, parodying one of the infamous "Lib/Dem Bar charts" which use all the tricks from "How to lie with statistics" to make their chances look better so as to show Layla Moran (who actually lost by nearly two to one" as if she was close behind Sir Ed Davey.

By the way, can anyone remember how long it is, if it has ever happened before, since two of the three main UK party leaders (Sir Keir Starmer and Sir Ed Davey) had knighthoods? Back in the middle ages the very first parliaments literally elected two knights from each shire, so it's possible that it happened back then, but I am fairly certain that it is hundreds of years since we last had such a position.

My problem with Ed Davey, who I thought was an effective minister in the coalition government, is that he has spent the last few months disavowing achievements I respected him for and I don't know how anyone can now be clear about what he really thinks. 

He has become a serial flip-flopper. 

He voted to increase tuition fees – even though he had signed a pledge to scrap them. He attacked the expansion of nuclear power, and later signed off on the first nuclear power project in a generation. He promised to ‘put politics aside’ to support the national effort against coronavirus, but was back to making partisan attacks of ‘betrayal’ within weeks. 

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