Improving broadband and mobile connectivity

The government is calling on local councils to help ensure people can access better broadband and mobile connectivity, helping to level up every area of our country with improved digital infrastructure as we recover from coronavirus.

  • Councils play a critical role in delivering high-speed broadband, and ensuring people get access to fast and reliable connections remains one of our top priorities.
  • The Digital and Local Government Ministers have today written to councils with new guidance on how they can make it easier for telecoms companies to access public land for new infrastructure such as 5G masts and full fibre broadband. The government has also provided a new guide for councils to tackle harmful disinformation about 5G, which has been incorrectly linked to coronavirus.
  • Recent months have shown the importance of everyone having good broadband and mobile coverage, and today’s guidance will help to drive growth locally as we build back better after the coronavirus pandemic.
In the interests of transparency, let me make clear that I work for Openreach, a company which is 100% owned by BT 


Anonymous said…
Can't even get 2G with BT in Copeland
Chris Whiteside said…
If you are genuinely unhappy with your broadband speed, and not just scoring points for the sake of it, you should be talking to your ISP about it. Unless you have done so very recently there is a good chance that the options available to you may have improved since you last checked.

Millions of pounds are being invested in improving rural broadband and both speeds and the availability of various services are improving, although there is some way to go.

Putting an anonymous moan on the blog of someone who works for BT, without even indicating where you are referring to in the huge area from Distington to Millom or from Lamplugh to St Bees, is not going to achieve anything at all. Talking to your ISP might.

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