A windy evening ...

Very windy in Whitehaven this evening.

Went out to put the recycling out, as it is due for kerbside collection in my part of the town tomorrow morning and they often come very early.

This normally works but not tonight.

I found the street covered in plastic bottles and tin cans, with two recycling containers on their sides in the middle of the road.

Someone in the vicinity had had the same idea but the wind had blown what they put out all over the street.

I shall have to set my alarm early, put out the recycling first thing and hope I can get myself up before the recycling lorry arrives and that the wind has dropped tomorrow morning.

Postscript 8.35 a.m, 5th August

My wife, who is a very early riser, went out before 7 a.m. and, finding the wind has indeed dropped, put the recycling out. As at this point the recycling team have not been yet ...


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