Road Closure, Dalzell Street, Moor Row on Friday

There will be a temporary road closure of part of Dalzell Street in Moor Row, this coming Friday (7th August 2020.)

The closure is to allow Openreach to perform essential work on telegraph poles in the area between the junctions of Dalzell Street with Church Street and with Hollins Park. It is expected that the road will be closed form about 9.30am to 3.30pm.

The section of road to be actually closed is from the junction of Dalzell Street with Church Street for approximately 1.4 km South East towards Wood End and Bigrigg. I presume the officers have extended the closure from that distance to save anyone attempting to drive from Wood End to Moor Row and finding they have to turn round and go back the way they came.

In the interests of full transparency, since I am both an Openreach manager and the local county councillor, let me make clear that I was not involved in either capacity in the decision to close the road. I was notified by county council officers about the closure as the local member after the decision had been taken under delegated urgency powers. 



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