Getting children back to school

Today, the government is launching the #backtoschoolsafely campaign - to reassure parents and students that schools and colleges are safe and ready for their return in September.

  • As the start of term approaches, now is the time for families to think about the practicalities of returning to school in September – safe in the knowledge that schools are prepared for their children’s return.
  • This campaign will help reassure parents that school is the best place for their child to be, that schools and colleges are ready and waiting to get back to teaching, and that they have the right protective measures in place. The campaign will also help parents plan the school run to avoid public transport where possible.
  • All children deserve to be back in school as it is the best place for both their education and wellbeing – having played their part to help combat this virus by staying at home, now is the time they should get back to the education they deserve.


Anonymous said…
We all have faith in the government (or schools) getting this right don't we.
Jim said…
Its very important to get schools back, government and schools should receive full support from everyone to make this happen.
Chris Whiteside said…

Kids only get one childhood.

It is really important that, while keeping them safe, we end the disruption to their education.

Not least so that we never put another cohort of students through the sort of qualification grades chaos which has just happened - and for which the parties running all four of the nations of the UK, the Conservatives in England, Labour in Wales, the SNP in Scotland and the SUP/SF in Northern Ireland, must accept our share of responsibility.

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