School improvement projects

Today the government is greenlighting hundreds of new school improvement projects, so that children can get better classrooms and Britain can get building.

  • As we work towards getting children back into school in September, it is vital that the £560 million school rebuilding funding we announced last month is put straight to work, so that Britain can get building towards recovery.
  • That’s why today we are fast-tracking 580 building projects at schools in England to repair and upgrade their facilities, creating modern, fit-for-purpose spaces that will meet their needs. £180 million is being put towards successful bids which will increase pupil capacity, decarbonise classrooms and improve school buildings.
  • This funding comes on top of £1.4 billion this year to improve schools and a £14 billion injection into the school system over the next three years – ensuring every child has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.


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