Long awaited traffic calming installed in Moor Row

Traffic calming measures - a number of "speed thumps" - have finally been installed over the last few days in Scalegill Road, Moor Row within my division.

It was agreed some time ago that Section 106 money obtained from a developer for a contribution to pay for traffic measures as a condition for planning permission should be used in this way.

It was also agreed that the "speed thumps" would initially be installed at minimum thickness, and left at that thickness if if did the job, but made thicker if that was necessary to slow the traffic down more.

I went down this morning to see what effect the measures were having and they did seems to be making drivers curb their speed slightly.

I would be interested in feedback, particularly from residents of Moor Row, on how the measures are working.   


Anonymous said…
stunning waste of money - filling the potholes in to create speed humps. Just leave the potholes at tell everyone its 'traffic calming' its far cheaper
Chris Whiteside said…
The speed thumps are carefully designed not to damage a car or create a hazard for cyclists, both of which potholes can do. There was a strong lobby in the village for action to curb speeding and the people concerned made an excellent case.

Yes, we are also spending money to fix potholes and that is the right thing to do, because unlike unlike properly designed traffic calming they are dangerous.

I did ask for feedback, but I would be grateful if anyone giving it could please indicate, if you are not prepared to sign your name, whether you live in the Moor Row area and whether you have driven through Scalegill road since the traffic calming measures were installed.

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