Second quote of the day for VJ Day 75th anniversary, 15th August 2020

 "Any unidentified aircraft approaching the fleet are to be shot down in a friendly manner."

(Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, Commander in Chief of the British Pacific Fleet, in a signal advising units of the end of the war. There was a fear that some kamikazi pilots might not recognise the Japanese surrender. This was not an unfounded fear - here is a link to an item about the 75th anniversary of VJ which starts with a picture of a kamikazi plane narrowly missing the carrier HMS Illustrious the day before the Japanese surrender.

I read the above quote in a history of the British Pacific Fleet. I have also seen a very similar quote attributed to the Commander of the US Third fleet, “All snoopers shall be investigated and shot down, not vindictively but in a friendly manner”  - with a note that several Japanese planes did indeed have to be shot down. It is far from impossible that both quotes are accurate.)


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