Quote of the day 7th August 2020

"Golden Rule: it's only wrong when someone I disagree with does it."

(Cllr Gareth Ellis on the double standards so prevalent in today's political conversation)


Anonymous said…
Obviously a Tory
Jim said…
That is generally the rule for anyone in any political party. Almost always.
Chris Whiteside said…
I agree with Jim that this rule is how most people of any strongly-held political conviction, whether they are actually in a political party or not, think rather too much of the time.

As for the anonymous comment - it happens that Gareth is a Tony as anyone who bothers to google him would quickly discover, but so what?

Look hard enough and you'll find socialists quoted on here if they've said or written something which I think makes any sense. (It does happen occasionally.)
Anonymous said…
Why would anyone be interested in Gareth ...
Chris Whiteside said…
His constituents in the area of Cumbria he represents on CCC and CCC might.

And at least people like Gareth and Jim who post under their real name or a consistent part of it give anyone reading the platform concerned a chance to make an informed decision whether they want to take an interest in what he has to say and to put it in context with his other posts.

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