More nursing apprentices


Today, the government is announcing a new package of support worth up to £172 million to double the number of nursing apprentices and help to deliver the manifesto commitment of increasing the number of nurses by 50,000 - some by new recruitment, some by improved retention -  by the end of this Parliament. 

  • Interest in health careers has surged, with the number of people looking for information on nursing on the NHS careers website rising by 138 per cent between March and June.
  • The government is making nursing careers in England more accessible through a new package worth up to £172 million, which will enable healthcare employers to take on up to 2,000 nursing degree apprentices every year over the next 4 years.  NHS and other healthcare employers will receive £8,300 per placement per year for both new and existing apprenticeships.
  • Nursing apprenticeships allow students to earn as they learn and this new funding will enable healthcare employers to hire thousands more, helping us to deliver 50,000 more nurses by the end of this Parliament.


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