Update on grades and University/college places

 Latest briefing on the grades and university/college place position received this morning reads as follows.

"Yesterday, we offered students reassurances on their university places and took action to lift the cap on medical and teaching courses for the coming academic year. 

  • This has been an incredibly difficult time for students - we want to reassure them that every effort is being made to make sure all those who planned to can move on to higher education.
  • Following discussions with the higher education sector we have agreed that all students who achieved the required grades will be offered a place at their first choice university this coming year wherever possible, or if maximum capacity is reached to offer an alternative course or a deferred place. To support this commitment, we have also lifted the cap on domestic medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and undergraduate teacher training places.
  • Additional teaching grant funding will also be provided to increase capacity in medical, nursing, STEM and other high-cost subjects which are vital to the country’s social needs and economy.
  • These changes will ensure more students are able to take up their places at their first choice of university and offer universities the flexibility they need to deliver on that commitment - raising the places cap on these courses will also help ensure we have the health care and teaching professionals our country needs for the future."


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