Helping the people of Beirut

Following the devastating explosion in Beirut, the Defence Secretary has confirmed HMS Enterprise will deploy to the Port of Beirut to help reopen it as part of the UK’s wide-ranging package of military support for Lebanon.

  • The Port of Beirut, destroyed in the recent, devastating explosion, receives most of Lebanon’s imports and is vital to the economic stability of the country.
  • That’s why, in addition to the £5 million in aid the UK government has announced already, Britain is sending the survey vessel, HMS Enterprise, to Lebanon to assess the damage and help rebuild this vital piece of national infrastructure.
  • The UK has a close and enduring friendship with the Lebanese people, and our military is ready to support them in their time of need.


Anonymous said…
Beirut - 200+ dead $30 billon damages.

UK - 60,000+ dead $2 Trillion damages.

Who's worse off?
Chris Whiteside said…
Not a meaningful comparison in context.

All countries have been hit by COVDI-19.

Most of them have not just had a huge explosion for which they need disaster relief. Something which Britain is expert at providing.

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